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It differs architecturally from the other archedbridges in the Eastern Black Sea Region. The most important differences are its stone columns set on rocky surface, wooden body and tiled roof which give its originality. In old times, the buildings were substantially wooden. Hapsiyaş Bridge which is one of the most favourable works of art in the city, is also built that way.

The Trabzon–Of–Dernekpazari–Caykara route gained importance lately when domestic and foreign tourists started to visit Uzungol with growing numbers. The bridge which is located on the way of return arises interest among people who like taking photos and they stop right there for a short time to eternalize the moment.

The structure was built in 1935, using wooden logs. Its geometrical design successfully covers the stream bed. In 2002, it was restored and became even more eye-pleasing. Before 1996, the bridge gained the status of being a monumental piece.

The Hapsiyas Bridge which is on the route to Uzungol, is also called as “The Tiled Bridge” due to its tiled roof. This is one of the spots that you should try taking some photos when you happen to pass by.


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