The date of foundation of Yomra is similar to that of Trabzon. With the conquest of Trabzon in 26 October 1461, by Mehmed II, the last remaining non-Turkish land in Anatolia joined the Ottoman Empire. From this date on the invasion of the Eastern part of Trabzon was led by the tutor of Prince Bayezid (the son of Mehmet II), Lala Hizir Bey. It was by his efforts that Yomra became part of the Empire. Hizir Bey is also the first mayor of Trabzon.

The first settlement in Yomra started with Hizir Bey. Yomra had been home for many tribes and a stop for many others during the history but it remained as a village of Trabzon for a long time. Its history dates back as old as the history of Trabzon but there are not as much historical artifacts in Yomra. Until the beginning of 20th century, the gardens and plantations of Trabzon were in and around Yomra and the vegetable and fruit of Trabzon were provided from there.

4 April 1916 is the start of the darkest and most sad era of Yomra and that is The Russian invasion during World War I. We had to fight in many frontiers which caused lots of problems later on.

With the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in 1917, Russian forces started to pull back and in 24 February 1918 thus Yomra was liberated from them.


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